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Obituaries & Service Information

Welcome to the services schedule and online obituaries for Addison Funeral Home.

Below is a list of recent services scheduled at our funeral home(s). Click on the name of the individual to read their obituary, death notice, or eulogy. There you will also see their funeral service, visitation and/or interment times and locations. Click on the Tributes link to sign an online guest book, or to leave an online tribute to the deceased.

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Name (click to view)Date of Death   
Edwina Rachel Mar 11, 2012Tributes Condolences
Charles Rackel Apr 15, 2017Tributes Condolences
Manuel Ramirez May 8, 2008Tributes Condolences
Heather Rankel Oct 25, 2014Tributes Condolences
Joyce Rankin Oct 2, 2013Tributes Condolences
Jason Rathweg Jul 10, 2016Tributes Condolences
Lyndell Raup Dec 28, 2017Tributes Condolences
Michael Rayfield Nov 27, 2010Tributes Condolences
Dennis Raymond Sep 21, 2008Tributes Condolences
Joshua Raymond Jan 25, 2016Tributes Condolences
Christine Reardon Apr 22, 2015Tributes Condolences
Meryann Reategui May 8, 2009Tributes Condolences
John Reed May 28, 2013Tributes Condolences
Juanita Reed Nov 19, 2012Tributes Condolences
Lena Reed Apr 19, 2016Tributes Condolences
Kenneth Reed Sr. Dec 21, 2011Tributes Condolences
Virgil Reeves Dec 29, 2014Tributes Condolences
Mary Reichart Jan 26, 2010Tributes Condolences
James Reid Apr 1, 2017Tributes Condolences
Gregory Reindl Nov 23, 2010Tributes Condolences
James Remley Jun 3, 2012Tributes Condolences
Alice Reneau Nov 17, 2015Tributes Condolences
Ollie Reno May 21, 2008Tributes Condolences
Santos Reyes Sep 8, 2014Tributes Condolences
Elizabeth Reynolds Apr 15, 2014Tributes Condolences
Gladys Reynolds Mar 31, 2010Tributes Condolences
Leslie Rhodes Feb 23, 2015Tributes Condolences
Elaine Riall Oct 29, 2017Tributes Condolences
Marjorie Ribble Oct 2, 2012Tributes Condolences
Evelyn Rice Oct 1, 2008Tributes Condolences
Chase Richardson Jun 14, 2017Tributes Condolences
Michael Richardson Jun 4, 2011Tributes Condolences
Nancy Richardson Jan 4, 2018Tributes Condolences
Margaret Ricker May 19, 2010Tributes Condolences
Freddie Rider Mar 25, 2009Tributes Condolences
Judy Ridley Dec 22, 2007Tributes Condolences
William Rife Feb 22, 2015Tributes Condolences
Anthony Riley Nov 25, 2008Tributes Condolences
Dean Riley Dec 18, 2009Tributes Condolences
Edward Riley Mar 23, 2016Tributes Condolences
Harold Riley Aug 3, 2013Tributes Condolences
Sharon Riley Aug 22, 2016Tributes Condolences
Donato Rios Aug 10, 2014Tributes Condolences
Rosa Rios Dec 15, 2015Tributes Condolences
Matthew Ripley Jul 22, 2013Tributes Condolences
Hilda Rivera Jan 9, 2018Tributes Condolences
Juanita Rivera May 16, 2011Tributes Condolences
Melissa Rivera Oct 5, 2014Tributes Condolences
Anna Roach Feb 25, 2010Tributes Condolences
Thomas Roach Jul 20, 2016Tributes Condolences
Scott Roark Mar 30, 2016Tributes Condolences
Eunice Robare Nov 18, 2009Tributes Condolences
Darren Roberts Oct 3, 2011Tributes Condolences
Eleanor Roberts Jul 18, 2014Tributes Condolences
Gail Roberts Nov 23, 2008Tributes Condolences
Harold Roberts May 25, 2009Tributes Condolences
Lois Roberts Feb 14, 2016Tributes Condolences
Charlotte Robertson Apr 4, 2018Tributes Condolences
David Robertson Dec 8, 2010Tributes Condolences
Linda Robertson Oct 27, 2016Tributes Condolences
Blanca Rodela Sep 9, 2010Tributes Condolences
Charles Rodriguez Jan 9, 2017Tributes Condolences
Cruz Rodriguez May 9, 2013Tributes Condolences
Joshua Rodriguez Mar 10, 2015Tributes Condolences
Julio Rodriguez Apr 17, 2015Tributes Condolences
LeRoy Rodriguez Feb 1, 2015Tributes Condolences
Logan Rodriguez Aug 15, 2011Tributes Condolences
Merclin Rodriguez Nov 27, 2015Tributes Condolences
Mikael Rodriguez Aug 15, 2011Tributes Condolences
Jayson Rodriquez Valez Sep 14, 2016Tributes Condolences
Stephen Roemer Dec 18, 2016Tributes Condolences
James Rogers Apr 20, 2018Tributes Condolences
Kathryn Rogers Oct 30, 2009Tributes Condolences
Linda Rogers Sep 7, 2013Tributes Condolences
Beverly Roland Mar 26, 2010Tributes Condolences
Evelyn Rollings Apr 9, 2015Tributes Condolences
Vernon Rollings Sep 24, 2014Tributes Condolences
Vincent Romano Dec 17, 2009Tributes Condolences
Tonja Rose Jun 22, 2015Tributes Condolences
Sarah Rosenlund Mar 10, 2013Tributes Condolences
Thelma Ross Oct 22, 2009Tributes Condolences
Colton Roth Aug 15, 2017Tributes Condolences
Russell Roth Dec 26, 2013Tributes Condolences
Dolores Row Sep 29, 2017Tributes Condolences
Danny Rowell Sep 1, 2013Tributes Condolences
Casey Rumfolo Dec 28, 2014Tributes Condolences
Charles Rumfolo Jul 29, 2012Tributes Condolences
Daniel Rushing Dec 30, 2017Tributes Condolences
David Russell Mar 17, 2017Tributes Condolences
Frances Russell Nov 23, 2008Tributes Condolences
Judith Russell Feb 17, 2012Tributes Condolences
Doyle Ryan Apr 12, 2018Tributes Condolences
Ricky Ryan Oct 1, 2009Tributes Condolences
Julian Rybarski Feb 8, 2008Tributes Condolences
Elizabeth Rydeen Mar 31, 2016Tributes Condolences
James Rzemek Mar 4, 2016Tributes Condolences
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