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Obituaries & Service Information

Welcome to the services schedule and online obituaries for Addison Funeral Home.

Below is a list of recent services scheduled at our funeral home(s). Click on the name of the individual to read their obituary, death notice, or eulogy. There you will also see their funeral service, visitation and/or interment times and locations. Click on the Tributes link to sign an online guest book, or to leave an online tribute to the deceased.

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All Obituaries: m
Name (click to view)Date of Death   
David MacAlpine Aug 11, 2014Tributes Condolences
Johnny Machacek Feb 16, 2016Tributes Condolences
Raymond Maggio Mar 5, 2013Tributes Condolences
Cleta Magnuson Jun 15, 2012Tributes Condolences
Fredrick Maguire May 11, 2015Tributes Condolences
Govindsamy Maistry Dec 11, 2013Tributes Condolences
John Maittlen-Harris Sep 26, 2010Tributes Condolences
John Major May 1, 2017Tributes Condolences
Chelsey Majors Aug 2, 2011Tributes Condolences
Adrian Maldonado Jun 20, 2016Tributes Condolences
Manuel Maldonado Apr 28, 2017Tributes Condolences
Pete Maldonado Aug 18, 2008Tributes Condolences
Omar Malik Dec 30, 2011Tributes Condolences
James Malone Apr 18, 2012Tributes Condolences
William Malone Mar 21, 2013Tributes Condolences
Romeo Manalili Jul 27, 2010Tributes Condolences
Helen Mangrum Aug 4, 2014Tributes Condolences
Joe Mangrum Jun 14, 2014Tributes Condolences
Patrick Mangum Nov 4, 2014Tributes Condolences
Edna Manning Jul 7, 2012Tributes Condolences
Billy Mansker May 6, 2011Tributes Condolences
Kenneth Manuel Apr 6, 2017Tributes Condolences
William Maret Sep 4, 2016Tributes Condolences
Matthew Mark Aug 27, 2017Tributes Condolences
Willa Marks Dec 26, 2008Tributes Condolences
Lisa Marquardt Dec 17, 2011Tributes Condolences
Casandra Martin Dec 19, 2015Tributes Condolences
Jack Martin Jul 10, 2017Tributes Condolences
Jerry Martin May 11, 2012Tributes Condolences
Joe Martin Feb 18, 2018Tributes Condolences
Karen Martin Nov 20, 2017Tributes Condolences
Marian Martin Aug 27, 2015Tributes Condolences
Mary Martin Dec 14, 2011Tributes Condolences
Alvaro Martinez Feb 26, 2017Tributes Condolences
Filomeno Martinez Oct 13, 2008Tributes Condolences
Maria Martinez Sep 29, 2013Tributes Condolences
Marta Martinez Feb 23, 2010Tributes Condolences
Olga Martinez Sep 27, 2014Tributes Condolences
Wenona Martinez Jan 23, 2017Tributes Condolences
Caroline Mason Oct 4, 2014Tributes Condolences
Mary Mathias Feb 6, 2017Tributes Condolences
Joyce Matthews Dec 26, 2016Tributes Condolences
Tonja Matthis May 13, 2013Tributes Condolences
Richard Maxey Jun 23, 2009Tributes Condolences
Bobbie Maxwell Aug 15, 2015Tributes Condolences
Ellen Maxwell Apr 3, 2012Tributes Condolences
Paul Mayes Aug 24, 2012Tributes Condolences
Robert Mayes Jul 2, 2014Tributes Condolences
C J Mays Apr 11, 2017Tributes Condolences
Dolores Mays Nov 7, 2009Tributes Condolences
Anna McAllister Oct 9, 2014Tributes Condolences
Marilynne McCall Feb 18, 2010Tributes Condolences
Shirley McClaugherty Dec 23, 2011Tributes Condolences
Catherine McCormack Apr 2, 2009Tributes Condolences
Geneva McCoy Feb 27, 2008Tributes Condolences
Gail McCreless Jun 3, 2009Tributes Condolences
Harold McCurdy Apr 28, 2013Tributes Condolences
Keith McDaniel Dec 15, 2014Tributes Condolences
John McDonald Oct 8, 2014Tributes Condolences
Edgar McEntire Nov 20, 2012Tributes Condolences
Lavone McEntire Jul 8, 2013Tributes Condolences
John McHann Oct 25, 2014Tributes Condolences
Wilma McIntosh Nov 21, 2010Tributes Condolences
Terry McKee Mar 16, 2016Tributes Condolences
Michael McKenna Aug 3, 2011Tributes Condolences
Richard McKenney Mar 29, 2009Tributes Condolences
Norman McKinsey Dec 18, 2014Tributes Condolences
Terry McKissick Oct 24, 2013Tributes Condolences
Esau McKnight Mar 21, 2014Tributes Condolences
Donald McKoy Nov 21, 2010Tributes Condolences
Dorothy McLain Mar 3, 2015Tributes Condolences
Paul McLain Feb 5, 2016Tributes Condolences
Ralph McLain Jan 26, 2018Tributes Condolences
Mary McLaughlin Oct 25, 2016Tributes Condolences
Michael Mclellan Mar 5, 2015Tributes Condolences
Bryan McLemore Sep 30, 2016Tributes Condolences
Gary McLendon Jul 27, 2015Tributes Condolences
Janet McLendon Jul 31, 2010Tributes Condolences
Evelyn McMahan May 8, 2012Tributes Condolences
Anne McMann Mar 24, 2016Tributes Condolences
Linda McNally Jul 30, 2017Tributes Condolences
Carol McPherson Nov 25, 2007Tributes Condolences
Ruby McPherson Apr 17, 2009Tributes Condolences
Michael McQuiggin Aug 16, 2015Tributes Condolences
Carolyn McWhorter Jul 3, 2009Tributes Condolences
Jeremy Meader Jun 19, 2017Tributes Condolences
Thomas Meadows Oct 4, 2013Tributes Condolences
Alfredo Medina Nov 25, 2012Tributes Condolences
Morgan Mehdi Feb 28, 2013Tributes Condolences
Mary Mehterian Oct 25, 2016Tributes Condolences
Pauline Meikle Dec 10, 2014Tributes Condolences
Jerry Melton Apr 23, 2016Tributes Condolences
Erykha Mendez Aug 30, 2011Tributes Condolences
Ignacia Mendoza Aug 19, 2017Tributes Condolences
Ricardo Menendez Jan 14, 2015Tributes Condolences
Martice Merreighn Jan 17, 2011Tributes Condolences
Sheryl Mesa Jan 27, 2011Tributes Condolences
Charles Messler Jun 12, 2014Tributes Condolences
Brandon Meton Aug 23, 2013Tributes Condolences
Karen Meyer Nov 16, 2014Tributes Condolences
Charles Meyers Aug 26, 2012Tributes Condolences
Evelyn Michel Mar 21, 2018Tributes Condolences
Billie Mikulin Sep 13, 2017Tributes Condolences
Craig Mikush Nov 16, 2017Tributes Condolences
Benjamin Milburn Jan 22, 2009Tributes Condolences
Gordon Millar Dec 22, 2014Tributes Condolences
Dean Miller Jun 15, 2017Tributes Condolences
Mary Miller Oct 25, 2014Tributes Condolences
Raymond Miller Mar 21, 2017Tributes Condolences
Robert Miller Jan 10, 2017Tributes Condolences
Virginia Miller Dec 12, 2011Tributes Condolences
Nancy Milligan Sep 20, 2013Tributes Condolences
Genevieve Mills Oct 11, 2017Tributes Condolences
Charles Mitchell Oct 29, 2016Tributes Condolences
Doris Mitchell Nov 17, 2012Tributes Condolences
James Mitchell Sep 4, 2015Tributes Condolences
Marcella Mitchell Feb 11, 2008Tributes Condolences
Mary Mitchell Dec 23, 2011Tributes Condolences
Michael Mitchell Feb 4, 2016Tributes Condolences
Ralph Mizell Sep 27, 2010Tributes Condolences
Stephen Mobley Oct 17, 2012Tributes Condolences
Ralph Moffett Dec 3, 2017Tributes Condolences
Ronald Mogensen Nov 16, 2016Tributes Condolences
Jeremiah Mohalley Nov 2, 2016Tributes Condolences
Blanche Monarch Jan 20, 2017Tributes Condolences
Grace Moncrief Jul 26, 2014Tributes Condolences
Jimmy Moncrief May 30, 2014Tributes Condolences
Debbie Mondor Jun 16, 2016Tributes Condolences
Luann Money Sep 20, 2010Tributes Condolences
Paul Montgomery Jul 1, 2011Tributes Condolences
Milton Moody Feb 19, 2010Tributes Condolences
Susan Moon Aug 16, 2015Tributes Condolences
Austin Moore Nov 24, 2015Tributes Condolences
Barbara Moore Jan 23, 2018Tributes Condolences
Colleen Moore Jun 29, 2012Tributes Condolences
John Moore Aug 2, 2016Tributes Condolences
Jonathon Moore Aug 23, 2010Tributes Condolences
Kevin Moore Jul 20, 2008Tributes Condolences
Raymond Moore Mar 8, 2016Tributes Condolences
Anisia Morales May 31, 2013Tributes Condolences
Bonita Moran Jan 20, 2018Tributes Condolences
Melissa Moreno Jun 2, 2016Tributes Condolences
Michael Moreno Nov 8, 2012Tributes Condolences
Erin Moretz Feb 3, 2013Tributes Condolences
Christopher Morgan Jul 27, 2015Tributes Condolences
Patricia Morgan Feb 9, 2011Tributes Condolences
David Morong Jun 23, 2012Tributes Condolences
Marjorie Morong Mar 22, 2008Tributes Condolences
James Morris May 21, 2015Tributes Condolences
Johnston Morrisette Jan 26, 2013Tributes Condolences
Sara Morrison Jul 7, 2013Tributes Condolences
Mark Moser Apr 25, 2010Tributes Condolences
Maria Moya-Espinoza Sep 25, 2015Tributes Condolences
Josie Muhlherr Jul 26, 2012Tributes Condolences
Margaret Mulkey Jan 17, 2016Tributes Condolences
Gerald Mullen Oct 19, 2010Tributes Condolences
Christopher Muller-Bacchi Mar 30, 2015Tributes Condolences
Emmett Mullins May 16, 2017Tributes Condolences
Tracy Mullis May 17, 2017Tributes Condolences
Roberto Munguia Jun 10, 2015Tributes Condolences
Ernest Munshower Nov 27, 2017Tributes Condolences
Chief Justice Paul Murphy Feb 26, 2018Tributes Condolences
John Murphy Aug 18, 2013Tributes Condolences
James Murray Dec 13, 2013Tributes Condolences
Wallace "Michael" Murray Aug 12, 2010Tributes Condolences
Rashid Musa Aug 11, 2016Tributes Condolences
Beatrice Myers Dec 31, 2015Tributes Condolences
Jerry Mysak May 25, 2010Tributes Condolences
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