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Obituaries & Service Information

Welcome to the services schedule and online obituaries for Addison Funeral Home.

Below is a list of recent services scheduled at our funeral home(s). Click on the name of the individual to read their obituary, death notice, or eulogy. There you will also see their funeral service, visitation and/or interment times and locations. Click on the Tributes link to sign an online guest book, or to leave an online tribute to the deceased.

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All Obituaries: c
Name (click to view)Date of Death   
Janice Caffrey May 5, 2014Tributes Condolences
Benigna Calderon Nov 13, 2016Tributes Condolences
Alan Caldwell Apr 2, 2009Tributes Condolences
Charles Caldwell Jul 7, 2012Tributes Condolences
Brenda Calhoun Sep 28, 2015Tributes Condolences
Judith Calvert Jul 26, 2015Tributes Condolences
Florence Campbell May 25, 2009Tributes Condolences
Olive Campbell Jan 31, 2012Tributes Condolences
Leo Canavan Nov 19, 2016Tributes Condolences
Marina Cantu May 29, 2011Tributes Condolences
Breanna Capodice Sep 7, 2012Tributes Condolences
Lola Capodice Jan 17, 2012Tributes Condolences
Gerald Caraway Dec 8, 2017Tributes Condolences
Richard Carden Apr 20, 2018Tributes Condolences
Tommy Cardwell Aug 9, 2016Tributes Condolences
Paul Carlin Sep 16, 2017Tributes Condolences
Michael Carlozzi Nov 5, 2009Tributes Condolences
David Carlson May 24, 2015Tributes Condolences
Sarah Carlson Oct 2, 2017Tributes Condolences
Susan Carlson May 29, 2009Tributes Condolences
Jay Carney May 4, 2011Tributes Condolences
Loretta Carney Dec 22, 2017Tributes Condolences
Roger Carpenter Jun 2, 2015Tributes Condolences
Ada Carr May 22, 2017Tributes Condolences
Walter Carruthers Jul 7, 2016Tributes Condolences
Charlotte Carter Feb 7, 2016Tributes Condolences
Reyes Casas Dec 3, 2015Tributes Condolences
Dacondo Casey May 5, 2016Tributes Condolences
Jessie Lee Caskey Sep 26, 2012Tributes Condolences
Kenny Cassell Aug 23, 2014Tributes Condolences
Gabriela Castillejos Dec 19, 2014Tributes Condolences
Peggy Sue Cates Dec 30, 2013Tributes Condolences
Mary Ceuninck Apr 24, 2013Tributes Condolences
Marna Chalker Jul 13, 2017Tributes Condolences
William Chandler Dec 7, 2017Tributes Condolences
Ay-Ming Chen Jul 26, 2013Tributes Condolences
Mary Cherian May 23, 2016Tributes Condolences
Infant Chimmula May 11, 2014Tributes Condolences
Michael Chisum Dec 9, 2011Tributes Condolences
Michelle Chisum Sep 15, 2012Tributes Condolences
Rita Choppy Feb 13, 2014Tributes Condolences
Craig Christian Oct 9, 2016Tributes Condolences
Alene Clare Sam Jan 22, 2012Tributes Condolences
Barbara Clark Jan 26, 2009Tributes Condolences
David Clark Jan 6, 2018Tributes Condolences
Gerald Clark Jul 12, 2011Tributes Condolences
Melvyn Clark Mar 10, 2016Tributes Condolences
Ray Clark Sep 4, 2012Tributes Condolences
David Clarkson Sep 13, 2015Tributes Condolences
Christine Clemens-Jones Aug 17, 2016Tributes Condolences
Billie Clements Apr 27, 2014Tributes Condolences
Paul Cline Aug 18, 2017Tributes Condolences
Jonathan Clutts Sep 27, 2017Tributes Condolences
Patsy Cochran May 7, 2010Tributes Condolences
Richard Cockerham Jan 13, 2009Tributes Condolences
Josephine Cody Dec 26, 2010Tributes Condolences
Phyllis Cohn Aug 10, 2016Tributes Condolences
Barbara Coker Nov 29, 2014Tributes Condolences
Josie Coleman Dec 10, 2014Tributes Condolences
Raymunda Collado Nov 15, 2013Tributes Condolences
Sue Collett Nov 5, 2014Tributes Condolences
Charlie Collier Sep 21, 2008Tributes Condolences
Karl Collins Mar 24, 2011Tributes Condolences
Laurel Collins Mar 17, 2015Tributes Condolences
Roslie Collins Mar 22, 2016Tributes Condolences
Suzanne Collins Feb 4, 2013Tributes Condolences
Lillian Collinsworth Feb 13, 2018Tributes Condolences
Nolan Conley Aug 21, 2016Tributes Condolences
William Consford Jul 14, 2009Tributes Condolences
Mary Conyers Nov 18, 2017Tributes Condolences
William Conyers Sep 4, 2017Tributes Condolences
James Cook Feb 20, 2014Tributes Condolences
Timothy Cooke Dec 29, 2015Tributes Condolences
Margaret Cool Sep 16, 2017Tributes Condolences
Jeanne Cooney Nov 23, 2012Tributes Condolences
Troy Cooper Jan 16, 2011Tributes Condolences
Emmanuel Coraza Feb 4, 2012Tributes Condolences
Everett Cornelius Aug 20, 2009Tributes Condolences
Bonagean Corthell Dec 16, 2013Tributes Condolences
Jackie Cosco Jan 27, 2018Tributes Condolences
Agustina Covarrubias Sep 20, 2013Tributes Condolences
Dan Cowman Aug 27, 2015Tributes Condolences
Carrie Cox May 15, 2011Tributes Condolences
Deloris Cox Feb 28, 2010Tributes Condolences
Minnie Cox Dec 5, 2013Tributes Condolences
John Coyle Nov 5, 2013Tributes Condolences
Curtis Craig Apr 2, 2014Tributes Condolences
Michael Craig Apr 13, 2013Tributes Condolences
David Craven Apr 6, 2014Tributes Condolences
Grant Craven Jan 29, 2018Tributes Condolences
Dennis Crawford May 11, 2014Tributes Condolences
Gary Crawford Sep 25, 2010Tributes Condolences
Timothy Crawford Nov 6, 2010Tributes Condolences
Juan Crespo Jan 2, 2010Tributes Condolences
Emily Crixell Apr 28, 2017Tributes Condolences
Marshall Croner May 6, 2010Tributes Condolences
Joyce Culver Oct 13, 2017Tributes Condolences
James Cummins Aug 18, 2012Tributes Condolences
Shawn Currey Jun 11, 2012Tributes Condolences
Nicholas Currier Jan 26, 2015Tributes Condolences
Dorothy Cyrway Aug 21, 2009Tributes Condolences
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